Gosselin Normandy

  • 1970 : Gosselin Normandie is a family business created in 1970 by two vegetable producers from Val de Saire, Lucien Gosselin and Jean-Paul Hamel.
  • 1976 : Mr Hamel leaves the company.
    The same year, the first part of the current premises is built. Other extensions are added until 2009 to develop and modernise the company.
  • 1982 : the company becomes a French société anonyme.

  • 1975

  • The premises in 1976

  • 1977

  • 1990 : the company is awarded, for the autumn cauliflower, the quality prize for food and vegetables exported to the Federal Republic of Germany. Mr Lucien Gosselin's sons Patrice and Nicolas join the company.
  • 1998 : death of Mr Lucien Gosselin, his sons take over the business.
  • 2000 : the company initiates a quality assurance programme. This programme leads to the implementation of a quality management system certified ISO 9001 version 2000 in September 2002.

  • Patrice, Régine, Lucien, Nicolas

  • ISO 9001 obtained in 2002

  • Extension in 2003

  • 2004 : the company takes over a competitor: SAE Ruel located at Réville. This company has a headcount of 28, sells 8000 tonnes of vegetables and runs 9 refrigerated heavy goods vehicles for road transport. All employees move to the Sainte Geneviève premises.
    Creation of Val de Saire Transports: to cope with the development of the transport activity, SAS Gosselin decides to transfer its 5 refrigerated vehicles to this company, as well as those of Ruel.
    SAS Gosselin now focuses solely on shipping and selling fresh vegetables.
  • 2005 : creation of the SAS LG Holding with a capital of 700 000.
  • 2006 : company Gosselin engages in an environmental approach: ISO 14001 certification.

  • Val de Saire transport fleet

  • 2007 : ISO 14001 certification is obtained. The company is officially selected for the Gazelle 2006 prize.
    During the same year, it takes over a company based in Brittany: Fernand Paugam at Saint Pol de Léon.
  • 2012 : the company prepares for and obtains "organic farming preparer" certification.

  • Flavour of the year label in 2009

  • Grand Prix Innovafel 2011