Vegetable sales office - Normandy

Gosselin Légumes sells vegetables every day, mainly in the morning, by telephone or the internet.

Our sales team handles all direct requests from its customers and prospects, both in France as well as across Europe and overseas.

Languages spoken:

French, English, German, Czech, Spanish, Italian

Gosselin Normandie Markets

Our main customers are the large and small supermarkets, wholesalers and importers.

The main destination countries inside and outside the EC are: Germany, England, Poland, Switzerland, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Italy, Africa, Slovakia, Canada, the French overseas departments and territories, etc.

Our company provides an efficient solution to producers wanting to export to national and international destinations.

Through the use of long-term conservation processes (hydrocooling, cryopack, etc.) and modern refrigeration equipment, our products can be shipped over long distances while retaining their qualities.