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Packaging / Shipping
Export of fresh vegetables

Gosselin Normandie - Shipment and export of bulk vegetables

Located at Sainte Geneviève (3 km from Barfleur and 20 km from Cherbourg), in Normandy, our family company, created by Lucien Gosselin and Jean-Paul Hamel, has specialised in the packaging, shipment and export of fresh vegetables since 1970.

Currently managed by Patrice and Nicolas Gosselin (sons of Lucien Gosselin), our company sells to all European countries and the French overseas departments and territories a total of 40 000 tonnes of vegetables per year, with a turnover of nearly €25 000 000.

Focusing on satisfying the requirements of our customers, we acquire the latest technologies for packaging, washing and traceability of goods.

The company values give priority to quality, while preserving the environment. We therefore wash and recycle our wastewater, sort our waste and encourage our business contributors to implement a similar approach.
Since we believe that by preserving our land, we secure the future of our sector of activity.

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