New carrot crates

Etablissements Gosselin has acquired new crates for increased protection of the product. A side door limits the fall of Créances sand carrots during harvesting.

Departure for Israel

Today, Gosselin Normandie has sent to Israel a container of carrots selected for long-distance shipment, expected date of arrival 02/03/2015!


A shell, a remnant of the Second World War, was found in a dumpster carrots!
All's well that ends well!
The defused object was evacuated Under the escort of the local police station.

Medal awarded on 15 september 2012

The management of Gosselin Normandie, specialised in the shipment and export of bulk vegetables, awarded the long-service medal to employees who have worked in the company for more than 20 years.
Etablissements Gosselin would like to extend their thanks to:
  • Mr Jean Lepetit, General Councillor representing Quettehou canton
  • Mrs Christine Lebacheley, General Councillor representing St. Pierre Eglise canton
  • Mr Lucien Lecarpentier, President of the St. Pierre Eglise community of communes
  • Mr Guy Monnier, President of the Quettehou community of communes
  • Mr Bertrand Joly, former director of Etablissements Ruel

who have honoured us today with their presence.



On Friday 5 September 2014, Etablissements Gosselin Normandie, shipper-carrier of vegetables, wished a long and healthy retirement to Mr Vivien Alix.

Visit of the Cherbourg subprefect

During his visit to Barfleur on Wednesday 14 January 2015, the Cherbourg subprefect Jacques Troncy came to our company Gosselin Normandie, No. 1 employer in Val de Saire.

He was able to see the offices, working conditions of the employees and discover the company's new perspectives.